Jun. 13, 2007

Nice UF Fridays - May 14, 2007

Unfortunately, Michèle has found that increasing obligations in her life have necessitated ending this challenge; hopefully circumstances will permit her to revive it at some future date. Thanks very much for the themes, Michèle; they were a great prod!


Anonymous said...

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Drew said...

"I'm not sure I understand what benefit is to be derived from getting to "live in the first place" if you're destined to be slaughtered at 2 years of age or younger and eaten."

What's the fundamental difference between being killed and eaten and just being killed, or dying of natural causes?

Or, are you asserting that if you don't live to be X years old, life isn't worth living? If we let cows grow to be 12, would they then have a reason to live?

Do you think cows live in anxiety knowing that their days are numbered and that their bodies will be eaten?